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Updated: Jun 23, 2020


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Discover the essential foods and nutrients for hair loss and prevention and healthier hair. This session empowers individuals and hair dressers to be confident on advising clients on the health of their hair.
The session is designed to teach you the essential foods and nutrients for the healh of your hair and how a balance diet can play an important role in the hair health. You will dicover how a balace diet can lead to a healthier hair and potencialy prevent or even reduce hair loss.

Nutrition and hair health made easy & educational

We know that there is an overwhelming amount of information for individuals and hair professionals to sift through when it comes to hair and nutrition - It is often conflicting and confusing and based mostely on suplements. That's why we've developed 'Nutrition and hair health' an informative educational online workshop that gives you the tools to advise your clients on the essential food and nutrients needed for a healthy hair. This class helps you and your clients learn more about nutrition and hair from BSc. Nutritional Scientist Elizete Reis-Bennett.

Where we'll meet

Every week at Nutrition First online zoom link 'Nutrition and hair health'

featured at Elizete's nutrition clinic in historic London, UK. You'll take place in your salon via zoom along with your clients or whatever you are.

What we'll learn

The importance of a balanced diet containing all the essential foods and nutrients necessary for the health of our hair.



Elizete Reis-Bennett

"Elizete's nutrition sessions have been recognized regionally and internationally as some of the most helpful and educational the class 'Rediscover Nutrition' has to offer. Now she wants to bring her sessions out of her closed workshops and into your life and salon, one action at a time."

Our Story

Elizete's is a food lover and food advocate. Her passion for working hair and her love for food brought this programme alive to help hair professionals and individuals to rediscover nutrition and make peace with food and nourish a healthier hair one action at a time!
Folow us

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"I believe that the safest way to achieve health is giving ones the right amount of nourishment where you don't eat less, you eat right"

- Elizete Reis-Bennett

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