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Raising Competent and intuitive Eaters is a nutrition and feeding practices zoom worshop for all parents based in Family & child Nutrition.
This will help you raise competent eaters who can navigate a complicated food environment without getting confused around food as soon as they fly the nest. We also teach you valuable tools to avoid fussy eating as well as rediscovering nutrition where all family make peace with their food.

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Feeding made easy, fun & educational

We know that there is an overwhelming amount of presure on parents to sift through when it comes to feeding their child - It is often shame, conflicting and negoteative based on food fear of right or wrong. That's why we've developed 'Raising Competent Eaters' a fun and educational online zoom worshop that give you the tools to raise Competent and intuitive eaters who have a healthy relationship with food and who enjoy a wide variety of different foods. This worshop helps you with feeding practices and to rediscover nutrition in an intuitive lead apporch from BSc. Nutritional Scientist Elizete Reis-Bennett a Family nutrition Specialist.

Where we'll meet

Every week at Nutrition First online zoom link 'Raising Competent Eaters' featured at Elizete's nutrition clinic in historic London, UK. You'll join from whatever you are.

What we'll learn

Simple and effective tools to talk to your child about food, fussy eating, intuitive eating and the importance of the division of responsibility.

All lead by the BSc Nutritional Scientist

Elizete Reis-Bennett a family nutrition specialist



Elizete Reis-Bennett

"Elizete's Raising Competent Eaters has been recognized regionally and internationally as some of the most supportive the class 'Rediscover Nutrition' has to offer. Now she wants to bring her feeding practises tools out of her closed workshops and into your home, one meal at a time."

Our Story

Elizete's is a food lover and food advocate. Her passion for working with family & children and her love for food brought this programme alive to help families to rediscover nutrition and make peace with food. One meal at a time.
Folow us

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"I believe that the safest way to achieve health is giving ones the right amount of exercise and nourishment where you don't eat less and exercise more, you eat exercise right"

- Elizete Reis-Bennett

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