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Book now - "Cooking with Friends" kids zoom sessions

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Kids - Cooking with Friends zoom sessions are fun and educational classes combining cooking and nutrition to help you raise creative cooks and confident intuitive eaters - All from the comfort of your home along with your kid's friends via zoom

You have 3 ways to book it:

👉1- You can book just for your kids (privately)

👉2- Together with your friends you can embark up on a cooking mission

👉3- You can book randomly and meet new friends

Families & Friends of NHS Families United Network👇

Book now


Cooking made easy, fun & educational

We know that there is an overwhelming amount of information for parents to sift through when it comes to cooking and feeding - It is often conflicting and confusing and based on food fear. That's why we've developed 'Cooking with Friends' a fun and educational online zoom class that gives you the tools to raise creative cooks and confident eaters who have a healthy relationship with food and who enjoy cooking a wide variety of different foods. This class can help you and your kids learn nutritious & delicious recipes from BSc. Nutritional Scientist Elizete Reis-Bennett a family nutrition specialist.

Where we'll meet

We will meet every week at Nutrition First online zoom session 'Cooking with friends' from Elizete's home in the historic London, UK. You'll work in your kitchen under the supervision of a parent or guardian.

What we'll learn

Simple, fun and nutritious dishes and recipes inspired by foods and cuisines around the world.

Perfect for family & kids meals and snacks.



Elizete Reis-Bennett

"Elizete's recipes have been recognized regionally and internationally as some of the most fun and nutritious classes Nutrition First has to offer. Now she wants to bring her recipies out of her closed workshops and into your home, one meal at a time."

Our Story

Elizete's is a food lover and food advocate. Her passion for working with family & children and her love for food brought this programme alive to help families & children to rediscover nutrition and make peace with food. One recipe at a time.

Folow us

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"I believe that the safest way to achieve health is giving the right amount of nourishment where you don't eat less, you eat right" - Elizete Reis-Bennett
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